Women over 50 years of age are at an increased risk of heart disease and certain cancers

increased risk of heart disease and certain cancers

Did you know that women over 50 years of age are at an increased risk of heart disease and certain cancers?

Heart disease:

  • The hormonal changes that occur during the menopause cause a rise in cholesterol levels. The metabolism also slows down during this time, causing weight gain and increasing cardiovascular risk further.

How you can help:

  • Focus on healthy diet and lifestyle ( stay active, eat healthily, maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress, avoid too much alcohol, don’t smoke)
  • Take part in regular health screening- body mass index check, blood pressure screening, cholesterol and diabetes screening, baseline electrocardiogram, ten year cardiovascular risk assessment


  • Cancer becomes more common after the age of fifty, especially breast cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer and gynaecological cancers (womb, cervical, ovarian)

How you can help:

  • Regular breast self- examination and mammogram screening every three years; colorectal cancer screening through stool sample plus possible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy; gynaecological cancer screening via  cervical smear and HPV infection test  every five  years from 50 years age, regular pelvic examinations plus possible tumour marker testing and pelvic scan

At Roseneath Medical Practice we believe that health promotion and disease prevention are key to living a long, healthy life. To help you achieve this, for women over the age of fifty, our practice offers a variety of health assessments and screening tests, all with same day results.

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5-starsThere aren’t enough words to describe the praise I have for Dr Soori at Roseneath Medical Practice. I needed an emergency appointment as was really poorly and I got seen straight away. Dr Soori has such a calm and gentle energy that you immediately feel in good hands. She got to the route of my problem very quickly and treated it, she also unearthed a more concerning problem that hadn’t been picked up before. I feel very fortunate to have seen her and I will be using her as my G.P. from now on. If I could give a 6 star review I would! – Bridget Hunt

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